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door painting

Residential Doors

So what is a Residential Storm Door Painting and how did this become a thing? 


Before there were birthday doors, before the graduations, holidays and birth announcements, there were rainbows!

That's right! Rainbow doors were the birth of what we now call residential storm door paintings on Staten Island.

An original idea created by Mish in the early days of quarantine, March 2020. While trying to find a way to survive, Michele extended her professional window painting services to residential families, offering her unique style and attention to detail at discounted rates. She painted bright and uplifting vertical rainbow designs along with positive messages of hope.! The vibrant designs quickly became a neighborhood sensation, thus springing off into colorful and personal birthday & graduation celebrations, bringing true joy to the home during such a difficult and unusual time for so many. 

Considering having your front door painted for a special occasion? 

You can request a quote here

Every design is hand painted from the outside and is carefully crafted with love and lots of attention to detail!

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