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Window painting

Commercial Window Design

Staten Island based


Eye-catching window art

Whether you want something classy or whimsical, seasonal or festive or simply to promote a sale, Michele's hand-painted artistry and unique, detail-oriented style are sure to make any storefront the center of attention.

From Grand Openings to big jolly Santas, and everything in between, window art is a great way to add color to your business and stand out from the rest!


Just as each individual business is unique, so are your windows and requirements.

Prices are determined by window size and location, accessibility of windows, travel time and expenses, materials needed to complete the job, amount of detail in the final piece, and design prep & execution. 

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How to remove window paint:

Generously soak windows with water and window cleaner for 5-10 minutes until the paint becomes malleable. Scrape with a 4 inch razor. Add water and cleaner as needed. 

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